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    evidence, analysis scientists did not agree to his understanding of staying and right ideas expertise. It was considered an urban legend. The use of fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery) produced conclusive evidence that everyone feels protected as either staying or right concepts popular. During our sixteen waking duration of activity both cerebral hemispheres are working at the same time, but not with equivalent feedback. Over night our right emotional focus formula capabilities are definitely popular with a little contribution from our dormant staying concepts. Sperry said, each hemisphere is a conscious system in its own right, perceiving, considering, keeping in mind, willing and emoting. They can even be working in issue and in ignorance of each other. So What The EEG (Electroencephalogram) actions our electrical brain wave rhythms. Left concepts reputation happens in Try out cycles per second (13 to 40 cps). We can see and evaluate concepts reputation with fMRI and EEG. Right concepts EEG happens during Innovator (8 to 12) cycles per second and Theta 3 to 7 cps. The reaction to so what, is how we think and encounter, behave, comprehend and keep in ideas, are identified by our concepts reputation. We use both staying and right brains but one is significant and the other working in synchronize. Left Brain Dominant Managing of Information 1. Language (verbal) specialist. Conversation, listening to, learning and composing. 2. Logic, buy and directly range minded; sequential. 3. Likes to separated whole

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